In-House Design Burnout

Many of the Clients who engage Michael Thede Design are employed by Companies with in-house designers. Given this talent asset at their disposal, why do they hire Michael Thede Design to design Projects for them?

I believe it’s because of In-house Design Burnout.

This is the result of a Designer (or team of designers) working with the same material, subjects, content, and visual assets time and time again, over the course of many months, or in some cases years.

This would happen to anybody. When one designs similar Projects over and over, one can get creatively burned out.

Here are the areas in which this occurs, and the ways which Michael Thede Design partners with Companies to breathe new life into their Brand and Visual Communications:


Cause – Companies often have Corporate Design Standards that they adhere to, with specific typefaces being used. Oftentimes, the Standards are adhered to so stringently that the visual communications can over time become bland and uninviting.

Solution – Michael Thede Design is experienced and skilled at working within the parameters of existing typeface and typography standards, while at the same time creating new and visually engaging ways to organize and present the messages to be communicated. When a new typeface is desired, Michael Thede Design has hundreds of professional typefaces to offer in service to its clients.


Cause – Similarly, those same Corporate Design Standards typically spell out the colors which make up a Company’s visual color palette, and how they are to be used.

Solution – Michael Thede Design carefully studies the way in which a Company incorporates color into its messaging, exploring ways in which the same colors can perhaps yield a fresh look. Maybe a color is graduated rather than always shown solid, or the combination of colors being used together can be shaken up a touch.

Photography and Illustration

Cause – Working with the same images over and over, always soliciting photography from the same sources.

Solution – Michael Thede Design is very experienced in soliciting the services of professional Photographers. When clients want a new look, I help them source new avenues for the visual imagery they capture to deliver their messages;  when a client favors stock photography, Michael Thede Design has numerous sources for hi-quality, professional stock photography to broaden the scope of the search and ensure that exciting, engaging, appropriate imagery is sourced;  with regards to Illustration, very few Company’s use illustration to deliver their messages. This is a mistake. Since everyone relies so heavily on photography, a spot-on, beautiful illustration, when appropriate, can really draw a Company’s audience in to deliver a powerful, effective message, and set them apart from their competition.


Cause – Always printing a Company’s communications on the same paper stock.

Solution – In this digital world, the choice of paper is often overlooked. As a professional Design Firm, Michael Thede Design has an up-to-date paper swatch book library from paper mills throughout the U.S. Yes, some Projects need to be printed on a specific paper stock for consistency, to go through the mail properly, and/or to stay within budget. This being said, the paper a Project is printed on can really impact its success. The quality it communicates. The way it feels in the recipient’s hands. How well it looks when printed. Occasionally, it’s good to explore the possibilities and consider whether a different paper stock can more effectively deliver a Company’s message.


Cause – This may seem obvious, but inherently, each Designer has a certain way of designing. Subtleties in the details of how they design and work on a Project. As a result, their designs can begin to look the same over time and lack creative oomph.

Solution – Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is called for, bringing new excitement and insights to a Project. Michael Thede Design relishes the challenge of breathing new life into Brands, and has the skill to elevate a Project’s visual impact for greater success.


Cause – Sometimes, an in-house designer or team simply has too much on their plate with no relief in sight. This can cause them to simply plow through Projects, without giving them the time and attention they deserve.

Solution – Michael Thede Design enjoys stepping in to help ease the burden and provide professional, effective solutions – on-time with less stress.


It’s all about perspective. As an independent Creative entity, Michael Thede Design brings a fresh approach to each Project, without preconceived ideas or canned solutions.

If Michael Thede Design can bring some fresh ideas and a new way of thinking to any of your initiatives in 2020, I’m excited to learn more. Let me put my 28+ years of professional Design experience and expertise to work for you.

Take care, I wish you and your Company all the success you strive for in 2020.

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In-House Design Burnout

Many of the Clients who engage Michael Thede Design are employed by Companies with in-house designers. Given this talent asset at their disposal, why do they hire

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