Feature No. 6

Delmar Gardens

Design for Health Care

With an aging population in America, Delmar Gardens Enterprises is busier than ever. Michael Thede Design’s creative and project management expertise help Patti Muich and her team to coordinate, and keep on schedule, a wide range of print communications both internal and external. The materials we produce together promote Delmar Gardens in a colorful, welcoming manner to the elderly and their loved ones.

“After working with Michael Thede Design for over three years, I have yet to experience any missteps. Michael listens and asks questions to ensure a very clear understanding of the concept we would like to achieve. MTD is a marketing department’s dream!”

Patti Muich, Advertising & Marketing Director
Delmar Gardens Enterprises

Project Deliverables

ongoing, print Magazine, Newspaper, and Billboard Advertising
 property specific Information and Services Brochures
 50th Anniversary Celebration Logo