What Your Business Card Says About You

The Swiss Army Knife of Communication

In a digital age where your smartphone is the lifeline to your business and the world, there is one piece of Communication which stands the test of time in its potential to make a great impression in a fraction of time.

If it’s thoughtfully designed and printed well, it says more about you and your Company than you may realize. 

This piece of Communication is your Business Card.

Think about it. Where else can one communicate so much in such a tidy, compact space…

About your company

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Areas of expertise
  • The year it was established
  • Social media platforms it posts to

About you

  • Your name
  • Title
  • Cell phone
  • E-mail  

In a pinch

  • A place to write that important note or bit of information to share.
  • To level that wobbly table leg at a business lunch.
  • Folded in half for a chopstick rest if sushi is your thing.

O.k., those last couple are tongue in cheek, but you get my point.

Your Business Card is quite simply the handiest tool you have for any new client opportunity that can come up at a moment’s notice. When you’re on a flight, in an elevator, at a networking event, etc.

Given all this, the most important thing about one’s Business Card is what it visually says about you and your Company:

  • Is it well designed and organized? 
  • Is it printed on a quality paper stock, perhaps one with a subtle texture, memorable color, or weighty thickness?
  • Is your Company Business Card printed at a quick print shop on an ink-jet printer, or with a reputable printer using bright, vivid inks rather than toner?

Why these details are important

  • These details are important because your business card is the one item which you physically hand to a new, potential client the most often.
  • You are literally giving that person a piece of who you are and what you’re all about. 

What it says about you and your Company 

  • If one has a cheap, ho-hum, flimsy business card, it subliminally communicates that you and your Company probably aren’t much different, or better than, a lot of other providers in your field who do the exact same thing you do.
  • As such, you have missed an opportunity to truly set yourself apart and solidify their interest.

An opportunity

Your Business Card is an opportunity to leap out of the starting gate with that new acquaintance on a very positive, impactful note. If one’s business card is thoughtfully designed, well-organized, and striking, it communicates to the potential client that your Company is:

  • Professional, smart, and detail-oriented.
  • A leader in its area of expertise.
  • Organized in its business dealings.
  • A Company that can be counted on to deliver.

These traits are exactly what any client will want from the Company they give their business to.

Yes, all the other forms of Communication which your Company produces are very important.

However, if there is one piece of business Communication which people tend to neglect, and that you truly should invest some time and money in, it is your Company Business Card.

An example

I enjoyed the privilege of designing this Business Card (along with the Branding Logotype you will see, Stationery System, Pocket Folder, set of Portfolio Project Sheets, and Art Directing the photo shoot which captured the Project imagery) for professional Landscape Architect Randy Mardis and his company Landscape Technologies.

A brief breakdown of the elements which I feel make this a successful, Company Business Card:

  • Dimensions:  at 3.5” wide x 1.875” tall, this is just a touch shorter than standard business card height. This slight variation, though subtle, gives it a uniquely special look and feel.
  • Photograph:  because the solutions Mr. Mardis designs add visual beauty to their environment, it makes sense to show an urban landscaping Project he’s designed in all its color and visual beauty. A photograph isn’t a must-have, but when appropriate is nice.
  • Color: carefully selected tones of warm gray and leaf green are complementary to the natural environment and the profession of Landscape Architecture itself.
  • Typeface: the font chosen for the key information is a font that is visually professional and buttoned-up, while still being easy to read.
  • Design: the Company logo is prominent yet not overbearing, nicely balanced with the critical information which is clear in its organization; a subtle vine/leaf pattern adds visual interest and also appears in other pieces of the Company’s identity; linear borders provide structure and represent the manner in which Mr. Mardis brings visual organization to the landscapes which his firm designs.
  • Paper stock: while you can’t touch this example, it is printed on a bright white, smooth, 120 lb. cover stock so that the printed colors visually ‘pop’, and the card has a nice weightiness to it.
  • Expert: with these six elements coming together, this Business Card looks and feels like the card of a true professional, an expert in their field, which Mr. Mardis is.

Each time Mr. Mardis hands a Landscape Technologies Business Card to someone in a meeting or during a chance opportunity, he has complete confidence that he’s making a great first impression for himself and his Company.

The design of your business card says a lot about you and your company and can be vital to making an impression on potential customers and clients. If you have any questions about business card design or any other visual communication design goal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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