Your Company’s Logo: How it Can, and Needs to Be, Better.

A Company’s logo is the most recognizable, visual element of its existence. It is how people know that Company and more importantly, it can help determine how well they can recall it to mind when they need its products or services.

Unfortunately, most logos one sees while going through the course of the day simply aren’t all that great.

This can be for any number of reasons…

1. too busy and complicated
2. unattractive typeface, or use of a typeface that isn’t the right personality for the type of business it’s representing
3. boring, uninspired color(s) that aren’t unique or memorable
4. too simple and generic, such that its visual won’t stick in one’s memory to remember in the future
5. simply amateurish, not promoting the business it is trying to sell in a professional, positive manner
6. it looks fuzzy or pixilated due to the fact that they do not have proper, hi-res art files from which to reproduce the original logo crisp and sharp

Why are there SO many bad logos out there?

Oftentimes it is because people think they can design their own Company logo and do a great job of it.

If one thinks about it though, this makes no sense whatsoever. For example, if a Company has an issue with its electrical system do they attempt to fix it themselves? Not very likely. They know that if they do, the outcome (despite saving some money) might not turn out for the best.

If you need a haircut, do you stand in front of the mirror in your bathroom and do it yourself? Also, not very likely (or advisable).

You get my point. One hires a professional to accomplish these tasks so that the job will be done right, yielding a successful result.

The same holds true for the design of a professional Business Logo. If it’s truly to be done right, it’s best handled by a professional Designer who can provide that Business with a Logo that’s on-target and gives the Business a leg up on its competition.

A Businesses logo is its face to the world. As such it’s VERY important. And, thus it simply must be done right if it’s to serve that Business in the best possible manner.

So, how can most Company’s logos be better…

• Simplify, simplify, simplify The cardinal sin of most logos is that there is too much going on. It’s trying to say all, be all, do all, rather than being the distilled essence and visual persona of the Company, which is what all good logos are. The added benefit of this is that a simple logo also tends to be easier to read across different applications and different distances.
• Ditch the ugly typeface – While there are thousands of bad typefaces, there are also many which are thoughtfully designed, handsome to look at, and thus more fitting for a professional business. Professional Designers work with such typefaces.
• Embrace a color – Coke® has its red, Tiffany & Co.® its blue, Starbucks® a striking green. Different colors emote different emotional responses. Pick a color that’s appropriate and a shade of that color that sets the Company apart.
• Clever or witty – while not always appropriate, in some instances a touch of cleverness or wit can greatly increase a logo’s ability to stick in one’s memory.
• Beat back that inner desire to be a Designer – You are good at what you do, Designers are good at what they do. If you try to design your own Company logo or hire anyone other than a professional Designer to do so, you’re being your own worst enemy in terms of your Company’s Brand. You work hard for your Company. You deserve better. Your Company deserves better.

Once a Company’s logo is established, it typically does not change for many years, if ever, due to the cost of new architectural and vehicular signage, business cards, forms, stationery, apparel, etc. So, it truly makes sense to invest the time, effort, and yes dollars into having a professional craft a logo that promotes the Company in a positive, striking, successful manner.

A brief example

I have enjoyed the privilege of designing many Company logos over the course of my 28+ year career. Admittedly, they are not all perfect, or even quite as I would have liked for them to turn out. As noted earlier, sometimes Clients can be their own worst enemies and compromises are often made. One logo I designed, and which I have always been fond of, encapsulates many of the thoughts I have expressed above. It even received a Design Award from the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts).

It is the logo I designed for the Technology firm, Blue Planet.

The simple letter’s “b” and “p” refer of course to the words Blue Planet. Its font is clean, streamlined, and precise, like technology itself. It always appeared with the full Company name nearby (on business cards, Company brochures, etc.).

In this logo, the implied light from a distant blue planet causes the floating letter “b” to cast its shadow, which in turn is the “p”. Simple, yet memorable. One might say in a single-color logo since the “p” is a shadow. A unique company logo that’s appropriate to its subject yet smartly memorable. The things every good logo should be.

If Michael Thede Design LLC can turn its discerning eye to the creation of a successful Company logo for you, please contact us.

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